Thursday, May 21, 2009

About Tainted Tea

At Tainted Tea, we feel that many people have the wrong idea about horror. Horror isn't just blood and guts splattering everywhere or big-breasted women being chased by masked men. Nor all horror writers like Stephen King.

Horror is an emotion felt by everyone. No matter how brave people think they are, everyone is afraid of something.

Horror is about experiencing that fear. And fear can be found anywhere: in the school hallways, with the ice cream truck, even in someone's own home.

Tainted Tea brings a new, smart look to the horror genre. We aim to show that horror is all about experiencing fear. We publish the works of horror writers and artists who explore terror, unease, and suspense in unexpected places.

Tainted Tea also aims to support aspiring horror writers and artists through online workshops and a chance to get their first publishing.

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