Saturday, May 30, 2009

Inspirational Words

"So, what's the secret to hip-hop, jazz, blues, and rock?
Step one, get out a pad and kill your Writer's Block."
~MC Lars

Not exactly horror fiction, but the idea still applies. The best way to cure the dreaded Writer's Block? Write. Anything. Even if it's your name over and over again. You never know. It could be the next Great [insert your dream publishing here].

Now, go forth and write!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What did the mummy director say at the end of the movie?


We failed to mention that we also love movies, so send us your reviews.
The more obscure the better--think Pinocchio's Revenge:

Movie Review Guidelines
Since we only publish quarterly, we expect that the movie reviews will not be timely, but that's okay! Send reviews on the past and present between 250-500 words. Refer to previous post on submission guidelines for short stories.

"Thrilled me--filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before"

Now accepting narrative poetry!

Please see previous post for submission guidelines, and try to keep all poems under 10 pages. (Editor's note: We cannot read nor publish the next Rime of the Ancient Mariner.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Content Needed for First Issue

To all horror writers and artists: Tainted Tea needs your work. Lack of publishing experience is not an issue. We are looking for new talent, and we want our magazine to be one of your first bylines.

Please see previous post for our submission guidelines. Be sure to email your work to

Let's Be Friends

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Tainted Tea on Twitter.

Web Site...Under Construction

We are still designing and writing content for our Web site. Once our Web site is published and running, you will find zine news, our submission guidelines, the zine available for download as a PDF, and other exciting content!

Until then, please consult this blog for all things relating to Tainted Tea.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Tainted Tea accepts short stories, narrative poetry, and all forms of printed art. Though we know horror isn't all monsters chasing large-breasted women, submissions must evoke fear, shock, or tension.
Please, no novels. Or Twilights.

Tainted Tea also accepts horror movie reviews.

All work must be original and created by the writer/artist. We will accept work that has been previously published as long as the creator owns the rights.

Please email all submissions to

Short Story Guidelines
Though there is no specific length, we would prefer short stories under 10 pages (approximately 2,500 words), double-spaced, in a professionally accepted font. Please include: your name or pseudonym, the title, and the number of words on the first page of the story. On each page of the story, include your name or pseudonym and the page number.

Narrative Poetry Guidelines
Poems must tell a story, with a beginning, middle, and end.  As with the short stories, there is no specific length, but we would prefer all narrative poems under 10 pages (approximately 2,500 words), double-spaced, in a professionally accepted font. Please include: your name of pseudonym, the title, and the number of words on the first page of the poem. On each page of the poem, include your name or pseudonym and the page number.

Printed Art Guidelines
All images must be emailed as either a JPEG or PDF file, with 72 to 150 dpi. We accept everything from photographs to paintings to collages as long as we can print it online. Please include your name or pseudonym and the title of your work with your email.

Movie Review Guidelines
We accept reviews on all horror films. As we are published quarterly, there is no need for timeliness. However, we do love obscure, campy horror movies, like The Evil Dead, Zombie Strippers or Plan 9 from Outer Space. Please keep all reviews between 250-500 words, double-spaced, in a professionally accepted font. Please include: your name or pseudonym, the title of the movie, and the number of words with your review.

Simultaneous Submissions
We do not want any writer or artist to miss an opportunity. Therefore, we accept simultaneous submissions.

Response Time
Depending on the amount of work we receive, our response time can vary, but usually we respond between three to ten weeks.

Writer/Artist Compensation
Unfortunately, we can't offer any compensation for writers/artists at this time. But what we can offer is a beautiful byline and bragging rights.

Tainted Tea publishes
First North American Serial Rights. However, the writer/artist's work will remain in the archives online for purchase.

"Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing."
~Sylvia Plath

About Tainted Tea

At Tainted Tea, we feel that many people have the wrong idea about horror. Horror isn't just blood and guts splattering everywhere or big-breasted women being chased by masked men. Nor all horror writers like Stephen King.

Horror is an emotion felt by everyone. No matter how brave people think they are, everyone is afraid of something.

Horror is about experiencing that fear. And fear can be found anywhere: in the school hallways, with the ice cream truck, even in someone's own home.

Tainted Tea brings a new, smart look to the horror genre. We aim to show that horror is all about experiencing fear. We publish the works of horror writers and artists who explore terror, unease, and suspense in unexpected places.

Tainted Tea also aims to support aspiring horror writers and artists through online workshops and a chance to get their first publishing.
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