Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look Who's Coming to Dinner

We'd like to remind you that Tainted Tea isn't just written for horror writers and readers. Tainted Tea is for fans of all things macabre. The editors love all horror media: books, movies,'s not wonder they're favorite holiday is Halloween.

That said, we invite you to sit at our table--rustic candelabras set at each end with thick, spider-less webs strewn across; thin, red wine spilling from goblets made of stone and the stiff butler speaking through pursed lips ("Dinner is served.")

For those brave enough, try this writing prompt:

Pick three horror icons. Anyone related to the horror genre (alive or dead, fictional, etc.) and invite them to dinner. What goes down?

What kind of conversations do you have? Any special meal accommodations for the Creature from the Black Lagoon? You forgot to pick up a bottle of Chianti and Dr. Lecter isn't pleased. Why would you put out the silverware when you knew the Wolfman was coming? Hide the knives, Lizzie Borden just pulled up.

Set the scene and write a page or more (but no less) on the dinner. Be unique, have fun and don't scare yourself too much.

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