Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guest Post: Call of Duty: World at War Review by James (Shane's newphew)

Call of Duty: World at War’s leisure game, Nazi Zombies, is one of the coolest zombie video games. There are a lot of maps and a lot of weapons. It takes a lot of effort to win a level and you can get money for killing zombies. It’s a very creepy game because sometimes you don’t even know the zombies are coming at you.
Nazi Zombies looks realistic—like you’re actually in the game which is what makes it scary. All of these things are coming at you, and I get scared playing it [and I know you will, too]. The zombie dogs are the scariest part mostly because they’re on fire. The dogs jump at you and start to attack. Then they rip open your back and you lay on the ground until someone repairs you.  
On a scale from one to five (one being the lowest and five being the highest), I would give Nazi Zombies a five because it’s cool and crazy. Out of the six Call of Duty games I would say this is a five out of a five, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is ultimate! Better than a five. The first three get a three out of five.
People should buy Call of Duty: World at War because even though a lot of [my friends] say it sucks, it's cool and has two games in one! When you put it in the game console it’s just Call of Duty, but then they have the option for Nazi Zombies.

James is in the third grade and the oldest of five kids. He loves video games, writing, reading, music and sports. When he grows up, James hopes to be an illustrator-writer-basketball player among other things. This is his first publication. 

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