Saturday, March 13, 2010

"While working in the lab late one night..."

Okay, well I wasn't working in the lab, but I was in my garage during this amazing rainstorm looking for something for my nephews when I stumbled upon these:

No, not the books. The Burger King Universal Monsters toys. I was so happy. It's always fun finding fun things from my past. They bring me joy.

Because there was really no point to this blog except that these figures rock, let's write. I've always been a fan of toys coming to life, and with the non-horror film Toy Story 3 around the corner I want to write about what would happen if these Universal Monsters came to life. They don't grow or anything, just come to life. Do they all come alive at once? Only at night? Will the Creature from the Black Lagoon dry if he doesn't get into the toilet on time? Share with us.

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