Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now That's MOORE Like It!

We (being some of the staff: Tim Yockey, Kris Fossett, and Shane R. Toogood) met Christopher Moore!!! Christopher Moore (the one in the hat) is the writer of 12 novels, including Lamb, A Dirty Job, and his latest, Bite Me.

Not only is he hilarious, charismatic, and kind enough to write "Fucksox" on my (Kris) copy of Bite Me, but he is a writer who loves what he does. As spoke about his characters, like Pocket from Fool or Minty Fresh from A Dirty Job and Coyote Blue, I could tell that they weren't just characters to him, but living, dynamic beings that take a life of their own as he tells the story.

That's awesome.

Plus, his explanation for throwing the supernatural in his wacky tales is one of the best I've ever heard: because he gets bored otherwise. To paraphrase, a story about a pilot delivering organs just isn't interesting until you throw a giant talking fruit bat in there.

Which is even more awesome.

And, if you want the most awesomest, I reccomend you read his latest Bite Me (and he's on our side against sparkling vampires). Though it's the third in his vampire trilogy, there's a huge recap of the previous two told by a perky, teenage goth chick, if you missed them. And then you should Lamb, about Jesus doing kung-fu; excuse me, Jew-do, and other things before he hits 33. And then A Dirty Job, Fool, in fact just read everything.

'Kayso, onward!

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