Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excerpt from "The Host" by D.A. Hernandez

Hard to believe hours ago this man was apprehended, drenched in blood and chewing on a chunk of human heart, the Detective thought sifting through the photographs.

The nameless man had a vaguely normal appearance, clean and composed in his plain white shirt and pants. He had freaky eyes though and this troubled the Detective. Eyes, more than anything else were a good indicator of a man’s nature, but the nature of this stranger bewildered him. The John Doe had eerie blue eyes that gleamed with an ominous glow as if his sockets were fixed with glass lenses concealing neon blue bulbs sparking behind the pupils.

His stoicism was uncomfortable to tolerate as well. The Detective and his team of officers found the stranger in a similar fashion seated at the dining room table of his latest victim, using a knife and fork to mince the half eaten remains of the victim’s heart. He relished his meal with unfathomable eloquence, each bite savored as fine cuisine.

The stranger sat staring at the various photographs with similar fascination.

The Detective cleared his throat, “Have you had enough time to deliberate over your handiwork?”

“The time has been sufficient, yes.”

“So you’re ready to talk then?”

“You may ask your questions and I will do my best to answer.”

The stranger was nothing, if not polite.

“Tell me why you killed all these men.”

“I should think that would be obvious.”

About D.A. Hernandez:
David Alan Hernandez is a native-born Texan currently working on his bachelor’s degree in creative writing/education. His work can be found published in various online horror and fantasy Ezines including, The Harrow, Sonar4, Flashes in The Dark, Sex and Murder, Microhorror and the college literary journal, The Rio Review. In addition to a number of other projects, he is currently keeping a blog at showcasing a dark fantasy web novel, "Dividing Canaan: The Journals of Canaan Quintanilla".

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