Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Pagan fable" by Nathan Jonathan David Lee Rowark

I looked into the darkness bound and found a wonderful site.
It wasn't blackest, bloody was the light.
And as it shone upon my face and it's warmth from cheek to chin.
I realised all the accepted lies concealed a bigger sin.

I accepted all the blackest truths surrounding all about.
And left the darkest circle cast in search of truths way out.
A pagan god of green and good became a devils skin of red.
And women who would teach a tribe to thrive were witches it was said.

Those who gathered secretly to sing a ritual sound
Were dragged to inquisitions court before being gagged and drowned
Yet in the mist of chaos wrought by those who said the truth they sought.
Came a stranger tale by far, for not all who practised were caught.

Fleeing to a foreign land that lay a thousand miles at hand.
Covans sprung from every state as feet would dance the muddy sand.
For bringing twenty first alive, the wise ones walk scapes far and wide.
Despite the twist of saints in awe, the celtic gods still stand with pride.

About Nathan:

Nathan Jonathan David Lee Rowark was born in the pagan county of Hertfordshire, England. Nathan has been writing since he was six years old and wrote his first novel at the age of twelve when he moved to Essex.

Nathan is Wiccan which he feels, along with life experiences, has helped to form ideas for his poetry. His family's surname was originally Warlock and it means, according to Norse sailors, "to bind with words," or "spell singer." Therefore, words are in his blood.

His first complete poetry collections, 'Age of the Warlock' and 'Social Hymn' are available to buy in e-book form now from:

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