Friday, June 12, 2009

(Don't look now, but writers block is following you.)

Face it. If you're a writer, you've encountered our dreaded foe Elder Writer's Block. Well, we here at Tainted Tea are here to help because, well, we're writers, too and have a forest worth of blank paper.

The Pocket Muse: ideas & inspirations for writing
is a wonderful tool for all writers. The book offers, just as the title says, "ideas and inspirations for writing." One of the exercises seems extremely appropriate for a horror zine:

"Your character is being followed."

Is your character a mountain climber lost on Everest being followed by the Yeti?

Maybe he's metaphorically being followed by his past?

You know, Mary had a little lamb and everywhere that Mary went that damn lamb was sure to follow her...

So what'cha got? Share what you've written in the comments. We'd love to see what you've come up with. Now, get going! Write. Write, I say!

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