Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ancient Energy

There is something sensual, eerie and tantalizing about a lighthouse. They exude a vintage, gothic vibe from the way their lights pulsate like they're breathing. In, out, in, out...

Dominating even! Thrived and nourished by sailors. Without the lighthouse, their ships would be lured by the Siren's song, crashing onto the rocks.

As we wrap up the summer (what, three/four weeks?), what better theme than these candles on the water?

When I think of a lighthouse, I think of them as ghost houses: a wispy-haired woman standing over the edge as the spinning light casts her weeping silhouette on the humid, soggy sky; her white, ever-flowing dress is drenched from pelting rain as she waits for her sailor-lover to reuturn. (They were to be married.)

There a many stories of haunted lighthouses from the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Oregon to the ghost inhabiting both the Old Baldy and Cape Hatteras lighthouses. Do you know of any haunted lighthouses? Make one up if you don't.

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