Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free Books!! Coloring Contest!!!

Writing Tips for the Day: Take a break from horror. And check out this coloring contest from new writer, Patrick Wensink, who recently published his first book, Sex Dungeon for Sale! Anyone who loved a book titled Help! A Bear is Eating Me! is awesome.

Here's the details:

Patrick Wensink recently decided there’s only one way to celebrate the release of his book, “Sex Dungeon for Sale!”. And that is by holding a coloring contest.

He had a series of illustrations created based on some of the book’s stories, including a Kindergartener who thinks he’s French, a puddle of ketchup shaped like Elvis and something called, “Chicken Soup for the Kidnapper’s Soul.”

While the coloring contest sounded like fun, Wensink added a little excitement by offering an autographed stack of his favorite books from 2009 to the winner.

Fool- By Christopher Moore
Tales Designed to Thrizzle – by Michael Kupperman
AM/PM – By Amelia Gray
Help! A Bear is Eating Me! – By Mykle Hansen

The contest ends December 14.

For all the details visit www.patrickwensink.com/randomness

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