Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kickass Trailer: "My Bloody Valentine" (circa 1981)

Aside from Halloween, I think that Valentine's Day is one of the scariest holidays. After all, it has a certain naive charm and reeks of a pseudo-happiness. And, of course, it carries all of the elements to a good slasher flick. Hearts, Joker-grins, crimson red, pollination, fornication,

Call me the Scrooge of V-Day, but I never understood the fascination with one day devoted to loving someone. Perhaps it's because I'm more spontaneous and stubborn and don't want to have to dote on someone just because everyone else is. The ironic thing is that I am romantic. And as a writer I think we should write a love poem. Not just any love poem, but a horror love poem. Think about the things that I mentioned above (the thumping hearts, the splashes of red, sex) and write your poem about the scary things about being in love. Upset stomach, sometimes attempting to please someone and not being the real you...think of it as an erotic poem by infusing metaphors without the Eros language (or maybe you want to get sensual).

Here is mine:

life began to spin out of control, a whirlwind

of what felt somewhat familiar.


heart beating at hummingbird speed

stomach growing teeth, chomping

at my insides.

bowels sprouting talons and giant wings,

digging into my abdomen,

tearing the skin and

flapping away

failed attempts at regaining balance

refraining from slipping through the Hell Mouth

opening beneath Pike Place Market.

sweat blinding

shadows morphing

serpents snapping long noses, teeth like

shards of glass.

breathing through my nose

into the hole that was once my stomach

proving useless

and collapsing onto the cold cement.

Now that we have written, here is a trailer to the 1981 horror film My Bloody Valentine.

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