Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2010 Issue Now Available

Featuring stories by Allen D. Reed, Theresa Nienaber, Donna Burgess and D.A. Hernandez; poetry by Adelaide Windsome; artwork by Simon Walsgrove, Lawrence Boos a.k.a. Undead Ed, Adelaide Windsome and J. Toogood; and features by Jim Kennedy and Tim Yockey.

The Summer 2010 Issue of
Tainted Tea is available for download on
with a free preview on our Web site.

For a taste of what's in the Summer 2010 Issue, read an excerpt of "The Host" by D. A. Hernandez here. Or grab a free cup of Tainted Tea here to celebrate one year.

You read about them in Tainted Tea, now watch the trailers of the films that Jim Kennedy Spotlights in the Summer 2010 Issue:



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