Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming Soon...Fall 2010!

The Sacrifice by J.C. Crumpton
My Best Side by Simon Walsgrove
A Halloween Treat by Harold Kempka
Serenading Sister Death by Joseph Rodgers
Q & A by Brian Rowe
...When the Devil Drives by Zach Black
Buyer Beware by M.C. Brody
Susannah Martin, Hanged, July 19, 1692 by Shane R. Toogood

Plus features by Tim Yockey, Kris Fossett, and Shane R. Toogood

This issue will be available for download later this week. Come celebrate one year with us. And if you can't wait for this issue, don't forget to download our first issue for free from our Web site.

Read an excerpt from Brian Rowe's story here.

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