Thursday, October 14, 2010

Excerpt from "Q & A" by Brian Rowe

“Mr. Hauser! Theo!”

The man with the briefcase skipped up to the director in a droll manner that suggested he was a child in a grown man’s body.

“I’m sorry,” the director said. “I have to go. Good night.”

“I just have one more thing for you to sign, I promise.”

He put his briefcase down and pulled up the guitar case. He started to open it when the side door of the limo unlocked.

“Good bye,” the director said.

He opened and shut his door before the man could stop him.

“No! Wait!”

“Go!” the director shouted at his driver.

As the limousine started pushing forward, the man started chasing after it. He pressed the palm of his left hand against the side window and dragged his heavy guitar case with the fingers of his right. He lost his grip when the limousine made a right on busy San Vicente and started speeding down the center lane.

The director closed his eyes and didn’t open them again until he knew he was out of Santa Monica and back on the freeway, heading toward his home in the San Fernando Valley.

Another crazy fan evaded.

About Brian Rowe
Brian Rowe is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2007 with a B.A. in Film Production. He has written five feature-length screenplays, as well as over fifty short films. His short story “Kelly” was published in Mobius Magazine, and his short story “Pumpkin Milkshake” was published in Horror Bound Magazine. He has recently finished his first novel.

Editors' Note: Read the rest of "Q & A," a tale about a cult slasher film director and a fan who loves his work a little too much, like a cross between Tales from the Crypt and Joe Hill's short story "Best New Horror," in Tainted Tea's Fall 2010 issue.
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