Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Popcorn Movie Review: "Let Me In"

Innocent and alluring--just as a vampire--Let Me In is not a vampire film, but a tale about the relationship of two misfits that find love and trust in a world of evil. Would it be cliche to say that the connection between Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee was that of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca? The tweens' acting abilities alone are phenomenal. The twitch and whispers of the misunderstood, bullied Owen (Smit-McPhee) to the untainted yet sensual smirks and stares of Abby (Moretz), these two make the film amazing. Their characters know deep down that they should not be friends, but in this contemporary spin on Romeo and Juliet, the two confide in each other and form a bond. They rely on one another, both unable to survive (almost literally and metaphorically) without the other. The film, at times, moves a bit slow, but with it's lofty storyline and brilliant characters (much like Where the Wild Things Are) Let Me In should not to be missed.

Although this is considered romance, it's safe to say that Let Me In leans to the horror genre, too with it's tactful scenes of mutilation (oxymoron?) like that in The Wolf Man to it's frightening storyline of the commitment to a lifelong task made at such a young age before one can comprehend the audacity and consequences of said task.

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  1. Interesting, thnks for the reveiw. I need to go see it. Just finished the book lst week. Im a VERY hard vamp sale, bt loved the book.

  2. No prob, Jodi. You know what, anymore I've been having trouble trusting anything with vamps in it. I've always loved them, but as of lately writers have been trying to redefine them. I can deal with the fact that they have evolved and can walk in the sunlight, but once they start sparkling I think it's time we put a stake in the craze. I'm glad you mentioned the novel. I wanted to read it, but was a bit weary. Guess I'll have to buy it now (not that it's hard to convince me to buy a novel...)


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