Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall 2010 Now Available

"...When the Devil Drives" by Zach Black
"A Halloween Treat" by Harold Kempka
"Q & A" by Brian Rowe
"Buyer Beware" by M.C. Brody

"The Sacrifice" by J.C. Crumpton
"Serenading Sister Death" by Joseph Rodgers

"Susannah Martin, Hanged, July 19, 1692" Shane R. Toogood


"Terror Through Time: Horror Elements in The Legend of Zelda" by Tim Yockey
"Geek Love: A Book Review" by Kris Fossett
Movie Spotlights by Shane R. Toogood (see trailers below)

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Scream 4 Trailer:

Child's Eye 3D Trailer:

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